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Thief Takes Dog and Leaves Note

22 Jun

How many times have I wished I had the guts to do this…


Natural Flea Medicine?

21 Jun

I don’t know about all of you, but flea medicine and tick medicine tend to make me a little nervous. They’re strong chemicals used to kill the little varmints running around on our dogs skin. It really scares me now that we’re having all that trouble with pet foods and what not making our dogs sick and killing them. Whose to say this type of thing won’t be next? According to this article from “Organic Authority,” there are 9 good ways to keep your dog naturally flea free. While some of the suggestions seem like a bit much to someone like me that lives out in the country, I think if a dog owner takes consideration one or two of these precautions, that it will help the animal in the end!

1. Limit your dog’s activity outdoors

2. Treat your grassy lawn (there is a spray that contains nematodes that eat flea larva and can cut down on the fleas in your lawn by 90% in 24 hours.)

3. Keep your pet beds clean (make sure to purchase ones that can be taken apart and washed easily.)

4. Give your pet garlic and yeast. (this will increase your dogs immune system and the garlic and yeast will make your dogs skin taste terrible to parasites!)

5. Comb their hair regularly to get any parasites out

6. Bathe your pet! (thick soap that is lathered and left on for 5 minutes will drown and suffocate the fleas — no chemicals!)

7. Use lemon spray (if you cut a lemon into pieces and cover it with boiling water and steep it over night then spray on your pet the next day, they will repel fleas)

8. Use lavender oil on your dogs neck and base of the tail (your pet will resist fleas and smell great!)

9. Try cedar oil (try a little dab first to make sure that your pet is not allergic and then this can be applied to their bodies, as well as their bedding, floors, furniture and lawns to repel the little buggers!)

Hopefully these were some helpful hints for all your skeptical dog owners, like myself! Take care of your dog and they will love you forever!


Owning a Dog Can Prevent Allergies

21 Jun

Being a puppy owner requires MULTIPLE sacrifices… you don’t have nice things on low shelves, you lose a favorite pair of shoes to their teeth… your carpet is covvverrredddd in hair, well you get the picture. But we may have to thank our dogs for all the shedding that they do. According to some research done on homes with pets, children who grow up with a pet in the house are less likely to develop allergies! There’s more of the “scientific” information in the article if you’re interested, but I just thought I would share a bit of information! 🙂


Cuddle Bug in the Morning!

16 Jun

Isn’t she so cute?

Adopted Blind Dog is Mascot for Baseball Team

15 Jun

What a heartwarming article! This dog, Stevie, is blind after a terrible accident and will never experience the world like a dog should, but, he’ll be surrounded by people all the time and be included on THEIR normal daily lives. A dog like this would most likely be put down if left at a shelter for any length of time… So good to see people reaching out to help animals like this. The video is the best part. Make sure you watch!



Dog Behaviors

15 Jun

I came across this article and thought I should share it with all you dog lovers out there. Dog behavior is taught, not because of their breed. Whenever I read stories like this, I automatically think of Pitbulls and the terrible reputation they have due to poor conditions and treatment when being raised. Like I said before, it’s not the breed, it most times comes back on the owner. There are many Pitbull owners out there that have perfectly normal relationships with their Pitbulls and do not have behavioral issues at all, which proves it is not the breed.

Ever since I was little, I have been raised with a dog and they have all had very similar personalities. And yes, they have all been labs, but they have all been lab “mixes” which means they have all had a little something different in each of them. Yet, we’ve never had a dog that wasn’t trustworthy, or we had to worry about it nipping at people. People have come to our door when our dogs are standing barking, but they’ve never had to worry about anything but getting licked to death. Our dogs bark to notify us when someone is here, not because they’re mad and are going to attack, because we didn’t raise them to be that way. A dog is a true reflection of their owners and I am a true believer of that statement. This article is great and she really understands how dogs can be and will be, based on how they are raised. Read on!


Your Alarm Goes Beep Beep Beep… Mine Goes BARK BARK BARK

12 Jun

I just recently finished school and am home for a little while! Well, when I came home, it was a sigh of relief to know I could relax, not think about school work or going to class. Sadie thought otherwise. The first morning after I got home, I heard some sniffing outside my door but knew it was far too early to get up, so i rolled over to go back to sleep. Sadie had other thoughts. After the sniffing stopped, the barking began and didn’t stop until I opened my door, at which time she launched on to my bed and waiting to attack me with love. The latest I have slept in since I came home from school was 8:30.. and that’s only because she had gone somewhere with my mom for the morning. I not have an internal alarm that wakes me up right about the time she’s ready for me to get up. What a way to wake up huh? Now, I come downstairs and she launches on to the couch and she waits for me to come and lay down, at which time she licks my face and falls asleep laying between my legs and up on my chest giving me the view to the left. You’re jealous of all this love I get every morning aren’t you?