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Thief Takes Dog and Leaves Note

22 Jun

How many times have I wished I had the guts to do this…


Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader?

18 Jun

This girl is so inspirational. She has discovered her love of animals at a very young age, as well as an interest in politics! What a great combination and a true story of speaking for those who can’t speak for themselves. The United States Bill of Rights was created to protect our basic rights as human beings and they have protected us for over 200 years. Don’t you think that our animals deserve the same sort of respect? Well Clarisa Merkatz thought so. She wrote an essay about the “Woof of Rights” which states four important rights that she believes dogs should have, and she’s right.

1. the right to adequate gear related to their jobs (and dogs do work!)

2. the right not to be subjected to dangerous product testing

3. the right to basic care and annual medical checkups

4. the right to a local park where they can play.

Hey, we have to start somewhere, right?! Read the article and share it with your friends. I knew I had to!