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This Dog has the Life

22 Jun











Loves riding in the car!


San Francisco Enacts Program for Pets to End Panhandling

21 Jun

Cuddle Bug in the Morning!

16 Jun

Isn’t she so cute?

Foster Pet of the Day

16 Jun


Submitted by reader Terri who writes:

Miss Bea is a eight-ish year old border collie mix with a touch of chow (the tongue doesn’t lie).  She came to us after a national group did a rescue at a local hoarder.  Miss Bea was at their temporary shelter when she started to give birth and they asked us to put out a call for a foster home.  The ease with which Miss Bea raised her puppies leads us to believe this was not her first litter; thankfully it is her last, and we were pleased to be able to help her raise these puppies in luxury.

Despite an old injury from being hit by a car, Miss Bea was apparently a dominant force in the pack of dogs at the hoarder home.  However, she has settled in quite nicely at my house and gets along with all of the dogs we…

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It’s Getting Hot!!

16 Jun

You need to make sure and keep your dog cool.

Staying busy with pets

The hot Holiday weekend is over. Now let’s try to get some ideas for the rest of the summer. With the temperatures rising you and your pets are going to need something to cool down with. Easy and inexpensive water toy for your dogs is an old hose. Take the hose poke a bunch of holes in it and turn the water on. When the dogs are running around the back yard they will be able to cool down and get their exercise. And if your dogs are anything like mine they are going to be going crazy trying to catch the water as it comes out of the hose. This can keep them busy for a while and I don’t need to worry about them getting sick from the heat.

Another cool summer toy is freezing some of their existing toys. Yes it is exactly like it sounds. Take…

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Does Your Dog Go Where He Doesn’t Belong?

16 Jun

they’re so sneaky 🙂


My first thought was that it wasn’t THAT hard to keep the nuts and toys off your desk.

Then I saw what Cantaloupe did to the cactus!

Has your pup done something like this? My cat does, and I’m very glad he hasn’t taught my dog his tricks!

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A Beautiful Memorial For A Loved Family Member

13 Jun

So lucky to catch her the dog on video. Something to cherish for a long time.


Katie Campbell, a Portland photographer, was called to capture chocolate lab Annie’s last days on film. The results are so precious, Annie’s good nature made me tear up a bit. Seriously, go look now. I’ll wait here. With tissues.

Annie, by Katie Campbell Photography

(image courtesy Katie Campbell photography)

I’ve never thought of hiring a photographer just to take pictures of Jake, but if I knew his end was near, I would certainly consider it now. What a charming and loving way to capture a dear family member.

Have you ever had a real photo session for your dog?

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