Your Alarm Goes Beep Beep Beep… Mine Goes BARK BARK BARK

12 Jun

I just recently finished school and am home for a little while! Well, when I came home, it was a sigh of relief to know I could relax, not think about school work or going to class. Sadie thought otherwise. The first morning after I got home, I heard some sniffing outside my door but knew it was far too early to get up, so i rolled over to go back to sleep. Sadie had other thoughts. After the sniffing stopped, the barking began and didn’t stop until I opened my door, at which time she launched on to my bed and waiting to attack me with love. The latest I have slept in since I came home from school was 8:30.. and that’s only because she had gone somewhere with my mom for the morning. I not have an internal alarm that wakes me up right about the time she’s ready for me to get up. What a way to wake up huh? Now, I come downstairs and she launches on to the couch and she waits for me to come and lay down, at which time she licks my face and falls asleep laying between my legs and up on my chest giving me the view to the left. You’re jealous of all this love I get every morning aren’t you?


One Response to “Your Alarm Goes Beep Beep Beep… Mine Goes BARK BARK BARK”

  1. lorid4496 June 12, 2012 at 7:13 pm #

    Dogs are so great, when I am sick mine lays with me when everyone else in the house just runs away.

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