We Only Hurt the Ones We Love the Most

12 Jun

I agree. They always try to put a positive spin on the animals they kill. There’s no positive to killing animals that could otherwise live healthy, happy lives. My brother and his wife recently adopted a shepherd mix from her boss who was going to put her down because she wasn’t getting along with the family. The situation was that they had her for 11 years and then they had their first child. That dog was used to being the only one getting the attention in the house and so when a child was brought into the house, she started acting differently. She was perfectly healthy and nothing was wrong with her, other than the fact that she wasn’t the dog they used to have. They were just going to put her down. My brother and his wife couldn’t let that happen so they adopted her and she’s as happy as can be. We need to be willing to give these dogs a second chance, don’t you think??


When shelter directors say:

We only kill sick, injured, aggressive or feral animals along with orphaned puppies and kittens who are unable to survive on their own.

I think they’re trying to put the best possible spin on the fact that they needlessly kill animals and perhaps even attempting to come across to the public as compassionate on some level.

But what I hear is:

We only kill the animals who need us most.

What kind of “shelter”, “humane society” or “society for the prevention of cruelty” targets the weakest of the population for death?

Healthy, happy pets sell themselves in many ways.  But pets with special needs such as an injury or illness, require extra care.  Feral cats require a commitment to lifesaving in the form of a TNR program.  Dogs with behavioral issues require time, effort and patience in order to rehabilitate them so they can be adopted. …

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