Shelter Pet of the Day

12 Jun

She’s a beautiful dog. Although I am partial to chocolate labs 🙂 I hope she gets an incredible home. Thanks for sharing!


Submitted by Jamie, a vol at the shelter, who writes:

Jersey’s a young adult – possibly 3 or 4 – and is the most calm lab I’ve ever seen. She doesn’t jump or get overly excited and will not leave your side, even without a leash (which is why I had trouble getting a full-body pic). She’s at least crate-trained, if not completely housebroken, listens exceptionally well and even knows how to sit. HW+ but asymptomatic.  I may have a foster for her if a rescue can pull her and vet her.

Senatobia-Tate Co. Animal Shelter
909 E.F. Hale Dr.
Senatobia, MS 38668
Phone: 662-562-0070


This shelter’s kill rate is unknown.

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One Response to “Shelter Pet of the Day”

  1. Jamie June 12, 2012 at 4:47 pm #

    Thank you!

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