Dogs… They Just Know

11 Jun

I’ve had a lot of experiences with dogs growing up. The good, the bad and the otherwise. There’s no better thing than coming home from somewhere, and whether you were gone for 10 minutes, or 10 days, your dog is going to be ecstatic to see you. It’s part of their demeanor and the fact that animals aim to please and will love you unconditionally (as long as you treat them the way you should). When I was off at school and would come home on breaks, I so looked forward to my dog meeting me at the front door, and she always did.

There was other times that I would be sad or disappointed and they can sense that, especially with tears. My last dog, Shadow, was the best at this and I’m sure someday Sadie will be, too, but Shadow always knew when I was sad. She didn’t come over and act happy and try and play and cheer me up, she sat with me while I cried. She’d lay next to me or sit next to me. Sometimes when we’re sad, that’s all we’re looking for is for someone to just sit there and not say a thing. That’s what Shadow did for me and it felt so nice to know she was there. I think that was part of the reason my dad was so upset when Shadow died as well. You know Dad’s they always have that tough exterior, and say “oh, she’s just a dog.” But with Shadow, it was different. My dad, well all of us went through a tough time a few months before Shadow died. My uncle (my dad’s brother) died and it was unexpected, which makes it even harder. My dad had many days where he just didn’t say anything and we knew why. He didn’t want to be around anyone sometimes and would just get in his car to drive, but never alone. Shadow was always with him. He also liked to tinker in the barn with tractors to just get away… and Shadow was always out there with him. Just that silent friend that everyone needs during the hard times. It was tough to lose such a loyal friend.

Below is an article about a study done to test whether dogs truly can sense when you’re crying or when something is bothering us. Some people find this surprising, but I didn’t. During the study, the dogs were tested with their owners, as well as unknown individuals. The study showed that it did not matter if the dog knew the person who was crying or not, they still went over, sniffed and touched the human because they knew something was wrong. A human would have a hard time doing that, but not dogs. Its part of that idea that they will love unconditionally and leave bias aside. These creatures… They just know.


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