Sadie, Quite the Singer!

5 Jun

My dad is a music enthusiast. He played in the high school band for years and went on to be in a traveling band for a few years as well. He still likes to play the piano, almost daily. It helps to relieve some pain in his hands, as well as a little “get away” where he can just concentrate on his music and forget the world for a few minutes.

Sadie, our year and a half old puppy, has been interested in his piano playing since she joined the family a while ago. One morning, she went over and sat next to my dad while he was playing the piano, put her head right up in the air, puckered her lips and let it fly. She HOWLED through the whole song. My dad had trouble going on with the song because he was laughing so hard. For a while, she would only do it when it was just my dad and her at the house. Apparently, she was modest. 🙂

Over the past few months, she has allowed the rest of us to listen to her “singing.” The other morning, after I got out of the shower, I heard my dad playing the piano. Sadie likes to hang out in the bathroom while I shower, but when I was finished, I opened the door and she was running downstairs to sing with my dad. I closed the door and pretty soon, all I heard was AOOOOOOOOO. He was playing her favorite song! Now, my dad has probably 10-15 different songs that he plays regularly. But there is only ONE song she will sing to. The rest she completely ignores. I know, weird right? As soon as he plays the first note of the song, no matter what she is doing, her ears perk up and she starts whining… In the video, it takes her about 40 seconds to really get started, but I promise, it’s worth the wait! Okay, enough of my story. Watch and see!!


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