More Dogs for Scotland’s Fire Service

5 Jun

Animals have abilities that humans do not, thus why dogs are used to sniff out humans who have been lost in avalanches, or the drug sniffing dogs that are brought into school to keep them clean. I remember being in high school and seeing the dogs in the hall sniffing each and every locker. I knew that it was a serious matter, but I couldn’t help but be impressed about the skills I knew those dogs had to have to do that job. They did seminars with the students to show just how skilled the dogs were. They brought us all into the gymnasium and hid drugs throughout. They would walk the dogs around the gym, and the drugs would be buried in the bleachers and those dogs knew exactly where to go and how to inform their police handlers without harming the “evidence.” I always thought, “wow, these dogs are something special.”

And it’s true, these dogs are special. I read an article about Scotland and how they are trying to get support of bringing on more dogs to their fire search and rescue teams. Dogs have the ability to smell accelerants to know if the fires were started intentionally. Dogs also have the ability to get into small spaces to help those trapped from the flames. Dogs have a lot of abilities that humans don’t. These dogs are also used in the case of security. The article discusses how dogs have been used to protect the Pope, Bruce Springsteen and U2. I don’t know about you, but when I see a German Shepherd standing with a security vest on with it’s handler, I know that dog has had special training and I would not do anything to make that dog want to attack. Check out the rest of the article and read what these dogs over in Scotland have done and why they are interested in hiring more!


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