Dog’s Leave Prison with A New Leash on Life!

5 Jun

That title, what a grabber?! I saw this article and immediately had to check it out. From just the title I thought, hmmm, dogs in jail? Well, kinda!

This sounds like a great program, for both the inmates and the dogs! Dogs from humane societies in the area that have some sort of issue, are brought to the prison to work with inmates and trainers to try and work out any issues they might have that keep them from getting adopted. In the article, it talks about one dog who was a rhodesian ridgeback boxer-mix that had too much energy for it’s previous owner. Throughout the program at the prison, this dog was put through obedience training so that it might be adoptable to a different family. I think this program sounds incredible! The inmates mention that it takes love, patience and compassion to work with these dogs. These are the types of qualities that people in prison need to experience to work their way through the time they have to spend there. The dogs provided therapy to the inmates, while the dogs were being trained so that they might be considered “more adoptable” next time around. The three dogs that were going through the training program in this article were all adopted right out of the program. There had been a buzz about these animals and people were lining up to be the proud owners of the newly trained dogs. What a great program right?! To read more details, follow the link below!




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