Mark Buehrle Launches Pet Adoption Campaigns

29 May

Celebrities, including athletes, have a lot of voice power when it comes to advertising. Companies use celebrities often to promote their brands, their products and more. As a marketing major, I have studied the abilities of celebrity spokespeople to push consumers to buy a certain product or brand.

Mark Buehrle, a Miami Marlins baseball player, has decided to launch two different pet adoption campaigns. Because he has a recognizable name and credibility, his campaign, Sox for Strays, will be successful in getting the word out about adoptions and all that people can do to better the lives of stray animals who spend their days in shelters. Read the article and see all that this special athlete is doing, with his wife, to help spread the word about animals!



Mark Buehrle Launches Pet Adoption Campaigns

May 25, 2012 by
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Stepping up to the plate for the sake of homeless animals, Mark Buehrle of the Miami Marlins has joined forces with a member of his ‘home’ team– his wife, companion animal activist Jamie Buehrle– to launch two pet adoption campaigns.

Hoping for the same success as his Chicago adoption program, Sox for Strays, before the Marlins take on the San Francisco Giants on May 26th fans of the baseball star (who is also the proud Poppa of four Fidos and defender of dogs against BSL) can stop by the “Buehrle’s Buddies” booth to meet adorable adoptables from a Miami-area animal welfare organization. The monthly in-stadium pet adoption event will also feature a drawing, with fans who bring a donation of money or supplies (such as treats, pet food, dog toys, flea preventive, dog beds, etc.) eligible to win an item autographed by Mark Buehrle.  Benefiting from May’s Beuhrle’s Buddies is Big Hearts for Big Dogs Rescue.

Baseball buffs who are unable to attend the game can soon see the high-profile pitcher in a national PSA announcement from, which will debut at the Marlins’ game at Marlins Park on May 26th. Titled “Potential,” the heart-tugging ad compares the not so stellar start of the baseball star’s career (Buehrle was cut from his high school baseball team twice) with the story of a shelter pet who becomes a hero.

“The theme of ‘potential’ is important, because many people have a belief that shelter pets are inherently broken or faulty in some way. Nothing could be further from the truth,” says Jamie Buehrle, who co-created the concept for the ad with executive director Abbie Moore, who stated. “We wanted people to ask themselves, ‘What if nobody had seen Mark Buehrle’s potential?’ He wouldn’t have pitched a perfect game, a no-hitter, had an incredible career filled with accomplishments. By the same token, people need to see the amazing potential in every pet in the shelter.”

For more information regarding, which is North America’s largest non-profit pet adoption website:


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