Documentary Created to Raise Awareness of Animal Shelters

29 May

Steven Latham, an employee at PBS, has decided to create a documentary that is a new take on awareness of animals living in shelters. When we see those commercials that are endorsing the SPCA, we change the channel most of the time because it’s an add campaign of “pity” more than anything. I am one of those people that has to change the channel. They choose the animals that are the worst off, suffering from diseases, looking sad and too big for their kennels, and it breaks my heart. They actually bring tears to my eyes and now, I just change the channel. What Latham is doing sounds like an idea that could really prosper.

This documentary is going to be about how great it would be to make these animals a part of the family, rather than “we’re suffering, send money.” These campaigns are going to show people how these animals are capable of entering new homes after being rescued and how these animals are being trained and use with Veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from battle. It’s time that someone told the true story and worked to get these animals homes, not money. People are apprehensive to send money to these places, because honestly, how much goes to the animals, right? This documentary is going to give people a different view on adoption and I look forward to seeing it. Please take a moment and see what Latham has to say about his campaign and what he hopes to accomplish.


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