Canine Heroes

29 May

I was out of town for this past holiday weekend and didn’t have a chance to post any articles about our Veteran heroes. While dogs are truly a passion of mine, so is the military and all that these soldiers do to allow us to live the lives that we do. They sacrifice everything so I have to sacrifice nothing. But these soldiers that I am mentioning, they aren’t just humans… I know that when most people think of soldiers, they picture the men and women in uniform fighting for our freedoms, but let’s not forget the canine companions that save THEIR lives everyday as well. These dogs are trained to smell the bombs that humans do not have the ability to do. These dogs keep our men and women safe every day and we can see from some of my previous stories that the bonds formed between these soldiers and their animals is unbreakable. So, although the holiday is over, let us not forget about the animals and humans who fight for our lives everyday. We’ve lost a lot of animals over there, too who are targeted because of their special abilities. Below is an article about our veteran animals, and a website where you can go to vote for a bill that is currently going to the government for a vote on changing the status of military animals, which are currently classified as “equipment.” Take 2 minutes and go vote that it be passed so that these animals might be brought home and made comfortable for the remainder of their lives.


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