Faithful Dog Refuses to Leave Side of Fallen Companion

22 May

Dogs loyalty to one another is unmatchable. There was a story in the news a few weeks ago about a dog who was hit on a major highway. Soon after, the dogs companion went out and sat next to the injured dog until help came, all while being surrounded by 4 lanes of traffic. The danger level here was extremely high and while I’m sure the dog was scared, he knew that he needed to sit there and protect his injured companion. This loyalty is something that we shouldn’t take for granted because they do the same thing for their humans. Below is another story of dog loyalty and the video to go along with it. Do you have a story you’d like to share?


“A heartbreaking picture of two pit bulls posted on Facebook caused a stir over the weekend among animal lovers. After his companion was killed by a car, a faithful dog is seen keeping watch over her body.

A local news affiliate said the female pit bull was hit Friday night, and lay dead on the side of a Phoenix, AZ road. The male pit bull refused to leave her, so a sympathetic nearby business brought him food and water.

He remained at her side throughout the night, nuzzling her, staying close until the city came to remove her body Saturday morning. He had spent 14 hours protecting his lost love.”

Here’s the video: Dogs Loyalty



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